This is going to be a long(very long) article. In gist, article has the list of winners and their ideas along with our thanks to everyone who made this biggest inter college hackathon(#asianhack2019) possible.

Asian School of Management and Technology and Asianhack2019 organizers would like to say a big thanks to everyone for participating! It has been a great pleasure having all the colleges and their representative teams with their best ideas in the hackathon, they were all amazing!

From 22 participating teams from 16 different colleges of Kathmandu Valley, Pokhara, Itahari, Chitwan, we have 5 winners from 5 different colleges. However, at first we would like to congratulate everyone participating in this event for being a part of Asianhack2019 family. It was a great time with you all. Being a part of Asianhack2019 is itself a win. 

Likewise, we would like to show our wholehearted gratitude to important people who had helped us  made our program successful. First of all, we would like to thank our chief guest Prof Dr Shiva Lal Bhusal(Dean FOHSS). It was a great privilege and an honor to have you here among us as the chief guest of #Asianhack2019. We are immensely thankful for devoting some time for us from your extremely busy schedule.

Similarly, We would like to thank all of the judges who played such an important role in helping to make the Asianhack2019 a remarkable and extraordinary success. Without their expertise and generosity, the hackathon would not have run so smoothly. Our wholehearted gratitude toward Er. Lochan Lal Amatya(Ex Director Nepal Telecom) , Bhoj Raj Joshi(Asst Prof. Patan Multiple Campus), Er. Sangita Sharma(CEO at Six Sigma), Raj Kumar Sharma( Head Corporate and Marketing Kedia Organization), Ashish Rai( Engineering Manager at Cloud Factory) for their invaluable support in the judging Process of the program. Thank you for coming forward and volunteering your time to Asianhack2019. You’ve been inspirations!

Further, we would like to thank our Mentors of Asianhack2019 for all the support and mentorship they have provided to the participants to pitch their idea and sharpen it to the best. The program would never have been successful without their support. Our wholehearted gratitude to Mr. Damodar Lohani, Mr. Jeewan Kunwar, Mr. Sajan Amatya, Mr. Roshan Gautam, Mr. Sujan Man Tuladhar, Mr. Dipendra KM, Mr. Dipendra Bahadur Chand, Sandesh Dawadi, Mr. Parhlad Khanal, Ranjan Regmi.  You’ve been inspirations!

Similarly, we would like to thank our Network Administrators, volunteers and designer for all the support and coordination shown during the event.  

Likewise, we would like to show our sincere gratitude to all the guests who were there to expand Splendor of asianhack2019.

Similarly, we would like to thank our Principal, Mr. Anil Lal Amatya, Co-ordinator, Mr. Chakra Narayan Rawal, Program Advisor of Asian School of Management and technology, Mr. Surya Bam and all the faculty members and staff of Asian School of Management and Technology for their best support and coordination during the event.

At last but not the least, we bow to our Previous year Asianhack2018 organizers for their great initiation. And our Educational Partner IIT Nepal(training professional IT courses in Nepal), Community Partner Ask Buddy(tech community), Supportive Partner CSIT Association of Nepal(training IT), Spyders Lab, Media Partner HahahaTv(Entertaining Youtube Channel), trustworthy news on real time), Sweet Treats Your Koseli ( order cakes online in Nepal), Education Partner Saral Notes(providing notes). 

Now, we would like to congratulate the winners accordingly!

We have our winnerTeam Dragons from Nepal College of Information Technology(NCIT). We would like to congratulate their team members Anish Shrestha, Alka Shilpakar, Sujana Shakya and Dibas Paudel. They have presented their idea title as “Sahayogi Haat”.

We have presented their idea pitch as they have described:

 “Sahayogi Haat is Physical Security related application which can be accessed by the people across the country. Government funding is gained since it will be used by the government authority and also the crime-related INGOs and NGOs for reducing the crimes being committed and flow the awareness regarding it and escort the victim. Donations, ads, blog posts will be the medium for the sustainability of webiste. This app is sustainable since the crime rates in our country have been increasing as matter of fact, in the year 2017-2018 the crime rate increased by 24.96 percent and people always seek for the platform to report about their problems without being judged, biased and misbehaved. The user can post the report and being a mediator. we will be sending that respective report to the authorized representative i.e. police and also the public can comment in these cases which will help to pressurize the representative for taking immediate actions. The government will get great help in solving criminal cases as the witness can also upload the evidence.” The team Dragons was awarded with Rs.40,000 cash price along with medals and shield.

Likewise, we would like to congratulate team “The Squadron” From Saint. Xavier’s College for being the first runner up of Asianhack2019. Sagar Neupane, Manoj Bashyal, Prabesh Khanal and Sanjeev Basnet were the members of the team. The team presented the pitch on the topic “E-Bin”. The idea was: “Managing waste in a bin and when the bin is near about full , informing the concerned authority to collect the waste.”  The team Squadron was awarded with Rs.20,000 cash price along with medals and shield.

Similarly, team DevSquad of Amrit Science Campus(ASCOL) was able to grab third position on Asian Hack 2019. Team of Nirmal Rijal, Pujan Thapa, Sabin Pandey and Ujjawal Parajuli worked on the topic “Airify”. They described their prototype as “Airify is a mobile application which works by crawling the real time data of air pollution and provides platform to the users where they can browse air pollution data, knowledge related to it and provide notifications to the user when AQI of some places exceeds the safe value.” Team was prized cash amount Rs. 10,000 along with medals and Shield.

Asian Hack has also awarded the Best Futuristic Model to the Team Computing from Itahari International College. Team, comprised with Kushal Neupane, Sawal Timsina, Samir Alam and Prabin Rai, won Rs. 5,000 as a cash price. Computing presented the model on the topic “Explore Ease”. The idea is described in their own words as “Our project module aims to develop a mobile application that helps users during their visit to different tourism sites. The application consists of multiple features that encourage users to find out visit locations without troubling about research on visiting and exploring new places.  Other useful features will also be implemented through which both end users along with investors will be befitted.”

Another consolation prize was for the Best Presentation. Team Deer-Coders( representing Deerwalk Institute of Technology) of Kusal Bista, Saurav Bhandari, Saras Karanjit and Raman Pandey won the award on the Best Presentation with cash price Rs. 5,000. The idea was on the topic “Smart Waste Management System using IoT”. They well presented the idea as “Smart Waste Management System using IoT is a web and android application that is used to efficiently measure and notify people about the amount of waste present in any designated sites so that the municipality can keep a real time track of where there is an immediate need for picking up waste.”

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